I'm a Product Designer and sometimes Developer from Boulder, CO. I use Lean practices to help teams solve expensive problems.

I work for VictorOps as a Senior UX Designer. In a past life, I was a Product Designer and then Product Manager of Growth for Pivotal Tracker. I also created fun apps like PiggyCalc and Listacular.

Lean UX is a product discovery and design process which reduces risk by validating concepts before implementation. This ensures we’re building the right thing for the right people before implementation.


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Selected case studies

Designing onboarding that sells

Better value experiences earlier in the process

Android design system

Component-based style system

Pivotal Tracker Analytics

Complete Agile project analytics


Fluid notes and todos with Dropbox Sync

Mobile price guide

Probably my highest ROI project ever

Disney artist collaboration

Share and critique ideas remotely


Build & manage your own conference app

Audi conversion testing

Validating the calls-to-action on Audi’s new customer portal