I'm a product designer from Boulder, CO.

I work for Trimble MEP as a Senior UX Designer. In a past life, I was a Product Designer and then Product Manager of Growth for Pivotal Tracker. I was also the Senior UX Designer for VictorOps (since acquired by Splunk). I also created apps like Listacular and PiggyCalc.

My work has been featured in Life Hacker, Beautiful Pixels, AppAdvice and Fortune via mockup.

I use Lean UX practices to help teams solve expensive problems.

Lean UX is a product discovery and design process which reduces risk by validating concepts before implementation. This ensures we’re building the right thing for the right people before implementation.


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Selected case studies

VictorOps Android - Mobile style system

VictorOps New Trial Experience - Onboarding that sells

Pivotal Tracker Analytics - Agile project analytics

Listacular - Award-winning iOS app